Pichia protein expression toolbox

UNLOCK PICHIA® for maximized productivity


  • Unique and broad Pichia platform meeting the protein expression challenges and needs of different industries
  • Unparalleled spectrum of expression tools and ingenious expression strategies
  • Enhanced secretory efficiency through unique secretion strategies
  • Maximized space-time yields and product titers
  • Highly efficient methanol-induced & methanol-free protein expression systems and options for ARMs-free strain development 
  • Intensified processes through shortened cultivation time
  • Industry proven and regulatory compliant expression platform 
  • Tailor-made glycoproteins - UNLOCK PICHIA® boosting Pichia GlycoSwitch®

Exclusive AOX1 promoter libraries

Our unique promoter library based on the highly utilized AOX1 promoter allows for fine-tuning of protein expression. This includes inducible control with methanol as well as methanol-free expression, with the latter surpassing the abilities of traditionally used constitutive promoters. With a broad range of promoter characteristics developed, we will find the right promoter for your protein.

VALIDOGEN'S Pichia pastoris AOX1 promoter library

Set of advanced platform strains

Our suite of platform strains has been developed to enhance productivity and cell viability under a multitude of conditions. In addition, strains optimized for processes without methanol, and auxotrophic strains without antibiotic resistance markers (ARMs-free) allow us to find the right strain for your application.

Expression-enhancing helper factors

Co-transformation of our expression-enhancing helper factors allows for targeted de-bottlenecking at every step of intracellular protein processing. Transcription factors, chaperones, membrane proteins, and more promote the secretory pathway to aid the passage of your target protein.


Novel secretion signals

In addition to the industry standard α-mating factor (MF) secretion signal from S. cerevisiae, at VALIDOGEN we apply novel secretion signals and strategies to promote the passage of your protein from cell to supernatant. Our novel signals have been shown to repeatedly outperform the α-mating factor signal peptide for a variety of target proteins.

Glycoprotein engineering tools

VALIDOGEN’s UNLOCK PICHIA® can be combined with Pichia GlycoSwitch® technology to generate unique expression strains for the production of glycoproteins with human-like glycosylation patterns. This unique combination of technologies acting synergistically leads to a high-performance platform for the production of recombinant glycoproteins with superior product yields and uniform Man5 or other human-like glycoforms.

Predictive expression screening

Combinatorial evaluation of our UNLOCK PICHIA® tools is paired with a high-throughput screening system to quickly and reliably identify the highest-performing clones at microscale. As an intermediary step, microbioreactor cultivations can be performed to rapidly compare clones under more tightly controlled conditions. This can narrow down the number of promising clones and lead to final strain selection. A confirmation of strain performance is then conducted in larger bioreactors.

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