Roland Weis, PhD
Head of Operations & CEO
Thomas Purkarthofer, PhD
Head Business Development & CEO
Michael Koncar, PhD
Founder & CEO

Roland Weis, PhD, Head of Operations & CEO

Roland Weis is the Head of Operations & CEO at VALIDOGEN GmbH. Roland completed his graduate in Microbiology at Karl-Franzens-University Graz and his PhD in Molecular Biotechnology at Graz University of Technology. After a post-doctorate at Graz University of Technology in a bilateral project with US-based BioCatalytics, Inc., he acted as authorized representative and scientific director of BioCatalytics Europe GmbH. He joined VALIDOGEN, known then as VTU Technology, to build up the UNLOCK PICHIA® platform and head the operational team for high throughput protein production with Pichia pastoris. Under Roland's technological leadership, and with more than 20 years of experience in the field of Pichia protein expression, VALIDOGEN has grown into a global leading Pichia protein expression service provider.


Thomas Purkarthofer, PhD, Head of Business Development & CEO 

Thomas Purkarthofer, PhD, is the Head of Business Development & CEO at VALIDOGEN GmbH. He received his PhD in Chemistry from Graz University of Technology, and was engaged in and subsequently managed several international industrial biotechnology R&D projects before joining VALIDOGEN under its former name VTU Technology. 
Thomas has been in charge of the set-up and growth of the business development division, and has been responsible for the commercialization of VALIDOGEN's proprietary Pichia pastoris protein expression platform and global customer relations. Thomas is also a member of VALIDOGEN’s R&D development team and has been one of the managing directors of VALIDOGEN since 2021.

Michael Koncar, PhD, Founder & CEO 

Michael Koncar is a CEO of KonValue Holding GmbH and VALIDOGEN GmbH, and a founder and shareholder of VTU Engineering GmbH, VALIDOGEN GmbH & proionic GmbH. Michael holds a PhD in Process Engineering from Graz University of Technology. Michael founded VTU Engineering in 1990, and VTU Technology in 2008, which re-branded as VALIDOGEN GmbH in October 2018. Michael also holds shares in several other innovative companies.