Pichia pastoris Protein Expression Excellence

UNLOCK PICHIA® - Advanced Pichia strain and process development

01 Who We Are

We are a leading contract research & development organization specializing in recombinant protein expression using our exclusive UNLOCK PICHIA® protein expression technology. Our Pichia pastoris (also known as Komagataella phaffii) experts have been serving the protein production industry for more than 15 years.

02 What We Do

With our UNLOCK PICHIA® platform we apply a broad portfolio of technologies for successful and economically viable expression of your protein in Pichia. 

We offer lean expression feasibility studies including delivery of purified lab-scale protein samples, generate high-performance Pichia pastoris production strains in competitive time frames, develop scalable bioreactor cultivation protocols, and undertake protein purification process optimization. Services are complemented with technology transfer for smooth implementation at your facility or with your CMO.

03 Our Technology


Our expertise is paired with our exclusive UNLOCK PICHIA® technology toolbox, which consists of proprietary promoters, platform strains, novel secretion signals, and expression-enhancing helper factors.

This toolbox allows for both methanol-induced and methanol-free expression systems, in addition to platform strains without the requirement for antimicrobial resistance genes (ARMS-free). Time-controlled target protein expression and co-expression of helper proteins allow for maximization of protein yields.

VALIDOGEN’s predictive high-throughput screening abilities and expertly developed protocols ensure fast and reliable identification of the best-performing genetic arrangement selected from thousands of Pichia strains assessed in parallel.

Working with VALIDOGEN

15+ years experience

Pichia strain generation & optimization, plus process development for enhanced protein production 


Broad and versatile protein expression technology platform for Pichia pastoris

Customer-oriented services

Customized project setup in small, modular packages suitable for every industry


Exclusive AOX1 promoter libraries
Set of advanced platform strains
Helper factors boosting expression
Novel secretion signals
Glycoprotein engineering tools
Excellence in predictive screening

Track Record

Contract Research Projects
  • Serving customers for more than 15 years
  • High-performance strains and processes developed for numerous industries and applications
  • Projects with clients ranging from small start-ups to industry giants
Tech Transfer & Scale up
  • Efficient process transfer & scale-up to industrial scale (up to 100,000 L)
  • Phase I & II clinical studies performed with proteins produced using UNLOCK PICHIA®
  • Proteins produced by UNLOCK PICHIA® technologies on the market in different industry sectors
Intellectual Property
  • Firm IP position
  • Strengthening our technological leadership position
  • Continued R&D development generating new expertise and IP

Customer Testimonials

After an extensive review of leading CDMO working with Pichia pastoris we identified VALIDOGEN as the most skilled in this area. They effectively navigated us through the secretory pathways of Pichia and provided us with several high efficiency clones meeting all our COG’s target for the expression of our therapeutic protein. They are a pleasure to work with, very committed and delivered the project on time and on cost.
Chief Operating Officer
Medtech Company - UK
With a pragmatic and agile R&D approach, VALIDOGEN delivered impactful results. Their high-throughput workflows and years of experience allowed us to reach the results within budget.
Head of R&D
Foodtech Company - France
Having worked on multiple projects with the Validogen team over the past 10 years, I highly recommend them in terms of successful project outcomes, quality reporting and the enthusiasm and professionalism of their team. The Unlock Pichia platform has repeatedly delivered results for us in a rapid and robust manner. Notably, the production level of a key pipeline protein therapeutic increased using their platform, offering us a commercially viable route forward. Beyond this, the Validogen team are a pleasure to work with and regularly use their combined scientific acumen to go well beyond their core technologies to accommodate additional requests. An exceptional CRO in every way.
Senior Director of Research
Biopharma Startup - California
Validogen is a great partner, they excel in fast and transparent communication, and their robust yeast protein expression platform delivered good yields repeatedly for multiple proteins of various origin.
Veterinary Biotech Company - the Netherlands
We have been working with VALIDOGEN for quite some time. VALIDOGEN helped us speed up our development by fostering an interaction that feels more like a partnership than a service.
Vice President R&D
Foodtech Company
In my role as Senior Director of Research at Promega, I've collaborated with VALIDOGEN, leveraging their UNLOCK PICHIA technology to enhance our proteomics and enzyme development projects. Their innovative approach to recombinant protein production significantly accelerated our research, showcasing the depth of their technological expertise. The interaction with the VALIDOGEN team has been outstanding, marked by their responsiveness and ability to tailor solutions to our needs. This partnership has not only propelled our scientific endeavors but also established a foundation for ongoing collaboration. VALIDOGEN's commitment to innovation has made them a highly valuable ally in our research landscape.
Senior Director of Research
Promega Corporation - US


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