With manufacturability in mind

Customer-oriented protein expression services, optimized for the requirements of different industries

We offer lean expression feasibility studies assesing the expressibility of your protein including delivery of purified lab-scale protein samples. We generate high-performance Pichia pastoris production strains in competitive time frames, develop scalable bioreactor cultivation protocols, and undertake protein purification process development/optimization. Services are paired with technology transfer for smooth implementation of your protein production process at your facility or at your CMO.

With manufacturability in mind, VALIDOGEN is addressing today's protein manufacturing challenges by early consideration of production strain and process requirements. The individual needs of different industries including biopharma, food & feed, industrial biotechnology, and diagnostics are reflected in our customizable and flexible project setup. Clients from all industries can benefit from our powerful protein production technology platform and modular approach utilizing the most relevant UNLOCK PICHIA® tools for their protein of interest or their field of application.

01 Fast and reliable answers

Expression Feasibility Studies

  • Fast assessment of expression feasibility and potential for further improvement
  • Immediate answers for a reliable go/no-go decision
  • Results from micro-scale screening transferable to bioreactor cultivation
  • Rapid generation of protein samples and protein production strains
02 Optimized yields & industrial production strains

Pichia Strain Development

  • Accelerated generation of high-performance expression strains optimized for the production of commercial protein products
  • Enhancement of production levels & product quality
  • Fast and straightforward production of non-GMP protein samples
  • Reduced downstream processing efforts due to low levels of secreted impurities
  • Full documentation of toolbox elements to simplify and support your regulatory filings
03 Robust & scalable fermentation and protein purification processes

Bioprocess Development

  • Boosted space-time yields through optimized VALIDOGEN cultivation protocols
  • Reduced manufacturing costs through improved cultivation processes
  • Scalable, robust, transferable, and cmc-ready manufacturing system
  • Intensified processes - high product titer and short cultivation time through VALIDOGEN's methanol-free cultivation system
  • Protein purification process development for a robust scalable downstream process
  • Full documentation to simplify and support your regulatory filings


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