UNLOCK PICHIA® technology

Unparalleled Pichia pastoris protein expression system

01 Productivity from technology

Versatile toolbox maximizing protein production

Our 15+ years of experience, and development of sophisticated protein expression tools & strategies, allow us to unlock Pichia’s full potential providing enhanced product yields and quality. We fine-tune the expression of your protein by generating a large number of different genetic constellations and pair this with a robust and reliable screening system.

02 Methanol-free & ARMs-free technology

Intensified processes considering process safety and economy, as well as regulatory requirements

In addition to improving safety by abolishing toxic and explosive methanol as a substrate, major advantages of our methanol-free Pichia technology include a reduction in oxygen consumption. This significantly reduces heat production and in turn reduces cooling requirements in bioreactor cultivations. Further manufacturing costs can be saved through the implementation of our short methanol-free cultivation protocols, increasing space-time yields. 

Of particular note to the food & feed industry is our range of auxotrophic strains allowing for antimicrobial resistance marker-free (ARMs-free) selection, aiding regulatory approvals. 

03 Industry proven and regulatory compliant

Comprehensively documented elements of characterized toolbox simplifying regulatory procedures

All components of VALIDOGEN´s Pichia pastoris toolbox are thoroughly characterized and full documentation is readily available to support regulatory filings for your protein candidate. Strains and cultivation protocols developed by VALIDOGEN have been used to produce recombinant protein for industrial applications including in the food & feed industry, as well as GMP products for clinical studies. In each case, meeting the requirements for regulatory filings (US and Europe) for the relevant field of application. 


Exclusive AOX1 promoter libraries
Set of advanced platform strains
Helper factors boosting expression
Novel secretion signals
Glycoprotein engineering tools
Excellence in predictive screening

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