Protein expression feasibility studies

Speedy determination of protein expression potential in Pichia pastoris

Determination of expression potential and rapid production of protein samples

Let us elucidate the expression potential of your protein in a quick feasibility study. Starting from an optimized DNA fragment we will clone, transform, and screen for expression in Pichia for a reliable go/no-go decision within a few weeks. In a targeted and concise approach we evaluate different molecular tools to find the optimum combination of genetic elements for your protein. Building on these factors, a highly efficient production strain can then be developed in a comprehensive strain development program by fully applying VALIDOGEN’s UNLOCK PICHIA® toolbox.

Positive strains can be directly transferred to a bioreactor cultivation enabling the production of initial protein samples. To provide you with a highly pure sample of your protein in a short time we will set up a purification process based on standard chromatography techniques, yielding milligram to gram quantities of pure protein from a Pichia culture supernatant.


  • Fast assessment of expression feasibility and potential for further improvement
  • Immediate answers for a reliable go/no-go decision
  • Results from microscale screening transferable to bioreactor cultivation
  • Rapid generation of protein production strains and purified protein samples

Key features

  • Methanol-induced or methanol-free processes
  • Unique promoters and novel secretion signals
  • Helper factor co-expression
  • Option for antimicrobial resistance marker-free (ARMs-free) strains 
  • Reliable & uniform microscale cultivation and predictive HT screening
  • Microbioreactor system to aid comparative strain evaluation
  • Cultivation of most productive clones in 1 L or 10 L bioreactors for rapid protein production
  • Fast set-up of a standard protein purification protocol
  • Expression strains as glycerol stocks
  • Crude or purified protein samples (non-GMP)
  • Comprehensive report 
  • Discussion with our experts covering results and next steps

Expression Screening

Our predictive high-throughput screening system quickly and effectively evaluates the expression potential of your protein. Customizable screening parameters allow for the assessment of UNLOCK PICHIA tools as desired.

Microbioreactor Cultivation

Capable of monitoring and controlling temperature, pH value, level of dissolved oxygen, and feed rate, our 1 mL well microscale cultivation device is the perfect step between a shaken screening system and a bioreactor. Using this system, the performance of different strains can be assessed using an identical protocol, or the effect of selected upstream process parameters on protein production can be evaluated.

Bioreactor Cultivation

In-house 1 L and 10 L bioreactors are used to confirm the productivity levels of top-performing clones, and to generate material for purification. Our fermentation specialists have developed highly transferable and scalable protocols for both methanol-induced and methanol-free processes.

Protein Purification

Our DSP scientists can develop a protein purification protocol to provide you with a non-GMP sample in a buffer of your choice. According to your requirements, we will also take downstream processing one step further providing full protein purification process development for a robust scalable process. 


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