VALIDOGEN Track record

VALIDOGEN (formerly VTU Technology) - well established and globally recognized contract research and technology licensing business in the field of peptide & protein production process development
VALIDOGEN has profound experience in the design of expression strains and bioprocesses for the production of a wide range of peptides and proteins for diverse applications serving customers from a variety of different industries. VALIDOGEN produces all types of recombinant peptides / proteins from cytokines, growth factors, hormones, serum proteins to fusion proteins (Fc-and albumin fusion), protein scaffolds, antibody fragments and vaccine antigens, enzymes or allergens.


Contract Research Projects

  • Serving customers for 15 years
  • Customers and applications in multiple industry sectors from all continents
  • Projects with industry giants as well as start-up companies

Licenses & Tech Transfer

  • Commercial licenses granted to licensees from different industry sectors
  • Successful technology transfers – Scale-up to industrial scale  
  • Customer proteins produced using VALIDOGEN’s UNLOCK PICHIA technology for Phase I clinical studies

Advanced Technology Platform

  • UNLOCK PICHIA - proprietary Pichia pastoris peptide/protein expression toolbox
  • Proven and globally recognized cutting-edge technology platform
  • Unmatched in terms of yield, development timelines, quality & safety

Intellectual Property

  • Key patents protecting our technological leadership position
  • Firm IP position, several patent families
  • Freedom to operate

Development & Collaborations

  • Non exclusive technology development with Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Several academic collaborations
  • Several B2B collaborations

Team & Facilities

  • Highly skilled and experienced team
  • Strong background in protein production and optimized workflows
  • State of the art laboratory infrastructure and production equipment



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