High-throughput combinatorial microscale cultivation & screening of Pichia strains

Rapid and reliable generation & identification of high-level Pichia pastoris production strains matching protein quantity and quality attributes
At VALIDOGEN, a broad diversity of genetic arrangements and expression profiles is generated by applying promoter variants simultaneously in pools of expression constructs. These harbor the gene of interest as well as genes encoding for different auxiliary proteins, all under the control of numerous variants from our exclusive promoter library. In this setting, protein production in Pichia pastoris is boosted significantly.

VALIDOGEN established a solid high-throughput protocol for comparative microscale cultivation and screening performed in 96-deep well plates. Thousands of clones can be screened in minimum time and most promising clones will be reliably identified already at microscale. 

Moreover, VALIDOGEN´s established screening protocol facilitates the direct transfer of selected clones from 96-deep well plates into 1 l bioreactors for confirmation of effective productivity making laborious intermediate steps for clone comparison obsolete.
This gives VALIDOGEN the ability to rapidly and reliably identify production strains with highest product yields.


Key benefits

  • Optimized cultivation and screening regime
  • Thousands of clones screened in minimum time
  • Highly reproducible performance data in micro-culture format
  • Fast and reliable identification of high-performance production clones
  • Results of microplate screening transferable to larger scales


Further elements of UNLOCK PICHIA - VALIDOGEN's Pichia pastoris protein production toolbox


UNLOCK PICHIA - discover the broadest Pichia pastoris protein production toolbox

Unparalleled spectrum of exclusive expression tools and ingenious expression strategies

MeOH-inducible and MeOH-free AOX1 promoter libraries

Maximize productivity by fine-tuning of protein expression

Diverse platform strains

Meet your needs for various applications

Proprietary helper factors

Enhancement of product yield and quality – timely adjusted for maximum output

High-throughput combinatorial screening

Rapid and reliable generation & identification of high-level production strains matching protein quantity and quality attributes

Glycoengineering tools

Enhanced glycoprotein production – UNLOCK PICHIA combined with Pichia GlycoSwitch®

Half-life extension

Albumin fusion proteins - biopharmaceuticals with increased half-life


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