Half-life extension - Albumin fusion proteins

HSA fusion proteins – biopharmaceuticals and biobetters with increased serum half-life
Fusion of proteins with intrinsic short half-life to human serum albumin (HSA) represents a proven strategy to increase the half-life of these biopharmaceuticals allowing for less frequent administration while maintaining efficacy. Meanwhile, recombinant albumin fusion technology has been successfully applied to various proteins and peptides. Albiglutide, a recombinant glucagon-like peptide-1 dimer fused to human albumin (GLP1-GLP1-HSA) has recently obtained US FDA (Tanzeum) and EMA (Eperzan) approvals and various other proteins and peptides fused to HSA are in clinical and pre-clinical development.

VALIODGEN´s well-established Pichia protein production toolbox facilitates high-yield production of albumin-fusion proteins using robust, reproducible and scalable processing methods.

HSA-fusion proteins produced with VALIDOGEN´s Pichia pastoris toolbox can be secreted very efficiently (5-20 g/l) resulting in reduced production costs at the same time increasing the profitability of a therapeutic product and maintaining quality.

Titers of up to 35 g/l of recombinant albumins

Titers of up to 35 g/l of recombinant albumins as achieved with VALIDOGEN's UNLOCK PICHIA technology, constitute the highest values (reported to date) of recombinant proteins secreted into the culture supernatant of yeast cultivations. 2nd generation AOX1 promoter variants, facilitating methanol-free processing, also deliver double-digit g/l levels of HSA in glycerol-only driven fermentations.


Key benefits

  • Exceptionally high product yields of albumins and albumin fusion proteins
  • Robust, scalable processes
  • Proven and clinically validated production technology



Further elements of UNLOCK PICHIA - VALIDOGEN's Pichia pastoris protein production toolbox

UNLOCK PICHIA - discover the broadest Pichia pastoris protein production toolbox

Unparalleled spectrum of exclusive expression tools and ingenious expression strategies

MeOH-inducible and MeOH-free AOX1 promoter libraries

Maximize productivity by fine-tuning of protein expression

Diverse platform strains

Meet your needs for various applications

Proprietary helper factors

Enhancement of product yield and quality – timely adjusted for maximum output

High-throughput combinatorial screening

Rapid and reliable generation & identification of high-level production strains matching protein quantity and quality attributes

Glycoengineering tools

Enhanced glycoprotein production – UNLOCK PICHIA combined with Pichia GlycoSwitch®

Half-life extension

Albumin fusion proteins - biopharmaceuticals with increased half-life


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