Exclusive AOX1 promoter libraries


Exclusive AOX1 promoter libraries for fine-tuned methanol-inducible or methanol-free protein production
Maximization of protein production -
1st generation methanol-inducible AOX1 promotor variants

Key benefits

  • Productivity records of 35 g/L of secreted protein in supernatant for methanol-induced protein expression
  • Large number of exclusive AOX1 promoter variants for proper fine-tuning of gene expression
  • Robust processes with low cost of goods
  • Selection of perfect match of the respective promoter variant and your target gene


VALIDOGEN's highly proven 1st generation promoter variants form the core of VALIDOGEN´s cutting-edge Pichia pastoris toolbox known as UNLOCK PICHIA enabling fine-tuned high level protein expression of your protein.

These methanol-inducible promoter variants enable the fine tuning of gene expression by selecting the perfect match of promoter/target gene combinations. The technology can further be used to enable cells to provide expression enhancing factors in a well dosed manner and just in time during expression of a target protein. Both yield and quality of the target protein are thus maximized.


VALIDOGEN's unique methanol-free Pichia protein production system -
2nd generation AOX1 promoter variants

Key benefits

  • Productivity records of 20 g/l of secreted protein in supernatant for methanol-free protein expression in Pichia
  • Improved process safety by abolishing toxic and explosive methanol
  • Robust processes with low cost of goods
  • Decreased demand for cooling and aeration
  • Glycerol or glucose as the sole carbon source
  • Potential to significantly reduce process times


VALIDOGEN's new 2nd generation AOX1 promoter variants allow for safe and economically viable protein production in glycerol- or glucose-fed processes fully devoid of methanol.

Apart from improving safety by abolishing toxic and explosive methanol as a substrate, major advantages of this technology are a reduced oxygen consumption and therefore a significantly reduced heat production and cooling effort in bioreactor cultivations. Additionally, there is a high potential to reduce process time and cost of goods.

Click here for our latest WHITE PAPER entitled "High level methanol-free phytase production in Pichia pastoris"


Further elements of UNLOCK PICHIA - VALIDOGEN's Pichia pastoris protein production technology

UNLOCK PICHIA - discover the broadest Pichia pastoris protein production toolbox

Unparalleled spectrum of exclusive expression tools and ingenious expression strategies

MeOH-inducible and MeOH-free AOX1 promoter libraries

Maximize productivity by fine-tuning of protein expression

Diverse platform strains

Meet your needs for various applications

Proprietary helper factors

Enhancement of product yield and quality – timely adjusted for maximum output

High-throughput combinatorial screening

Rapid and reliable generation & identification of high-level production strains matching protein quantity and quality attributes

Glycoengineering tools

Enhanced glycoprotein production – UNLOCK PICHIA combined with Pichia GlycoSwitch®

Half-life extension

Albumin fusion proteins - biopharmaceuticals with increased half-life


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