Further applications

Solutions for industrial enzymes & biocatalysts, cosmetics and diagnostics production
Pichia pastoris has been used to successfully express hundreds of proteins from different sources with a broad spectrum of functions and activities. VALIDOGEN´s Pichia technology platform "UNLOCK PICHIA" and services enable exceptionally high productivities with safe and stable production strains and scalable processes paving the way to the success of your protein project.
Economic industrial enzyme & biocatalyst production

VALIDOGEN's UNLOCK PICHIA technology provides an excellent platform for large-scale, low-cost production of industrial enzymes and biocatalysts.

UNLOCK PICHIA addresses cost challenges in the enzyme market by increasing productivity and efficiency in biomanufacturing.

Key benefits and technological features

  • Robust and commercially viable bioprocesses
  • Transferable and scalable manufacturing system
  • Safe and established expression host (FDA and GRAS approved)
  • Rapid growth on inexpensive & chemically defined media
  • High space-time-yields
  • Methanol-free production possible
  • Efficient product secretion with exceptionally low amounts of extracellular endogenous proteins
  • Enzymes can be applied directly in biotransformations, immobilization or freeze drying without extensive purification
Recombinant proteins for diagnostics or medical devices and as ingredients of cosmetics

VALIDOGEN provides the development of safe high-volume and low-cost processes for the production of recombinant proteins for use in diagnostics and medical devices or as ingredients of cosmetic products.

Based on VALIDOGEN´s extensive experience in supporting the development of APIs for therapeutic applications, VALIDOGEN´s Pichia technology meets all requirements for the safe and efficient production of proteins for diagnostics, medical devices and cosmetics.

Key benefits and technological features

  • Intrinsically endotoxin and virus free
  • Antibiotic resistance free plasmid system
  • Methanol-free production possible
  • Reduced manufacturing costs
  • Transferable and scalable manufacturing system
  • Full documentation and compliance with regulatory requirements

Experience in diversity

VALIDOGEN serves customers from different industry sectors providing tailor-made solutions

Biopharmaceutical industry

Benefit from VALIDOGEN´s CMC compliant technology platform for the safe and effective production of your therapeutic candidate

Food and feed industry

Safe and efficient large scale manufacturing processes with low cost-of-goods

Further applications

Solutions for industrial enzymes & biocatalysts, cosmetics and diagnostics production
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