Food and feed industry

Development of strains as well as safe and economic processes for the production of recombinant proteins in food and feed applications
VALIDOGEN provides industrial protein production solutions ideally suited for efficient large scale manufacturing processes with low cost-of-goods. VALIDOGEN's Pichia expression system not only enables cultivation with high volumetric productivities but also simplifies downstream processing due to efficient product secretion and low levels of endogenous proteins in the culture supernatant.

We guarantee regulatory compliance by providing selection markers free of antibiotic resistance combined with a range of platform strains with GRAS status. In addition, all reagents used at VALIDOGEN in the course of strain development are certified animal-origin-free. All components of VALIDOGEN´s Pichia toolbox are thoroughly characterized and full documentation is readily available to support regulatory filings needed for your product. Our unique 2nd generation promoter library enables safe methanol-free protein production processes without compromising process economy. Supporting you in product innovation, VALIDOGEN offers fast and reliable engineering and screening of improved enzyme variants.

Key benefits and technological features

  • Safe and established expression host (FDA approvals and GRAS-status) with a long industrial track record
  • Technology platform for the safe production of your protein (endotoxin-free, virus-free, chemically defined media, antibiotic-free systems, animal-origin-free )
  • High space-time yields due to maximized productivity
  • Secretory expression significantly reducing downstream efforts
  • High level methanol-free protein processes
  • Robust and scalable manufacturing systems
  • Fully documented technology platform
  • High-throughput enzyme engineering in final production host
Read our latest WHITE PAPER on High level methanol-free phytase production in Pichia pastoris demonstrating VALIDOGEN´s capabilities in unlocking Pichia as a powerful host for recombinant protein production.



Solutions for different industry sectors

Experience in diversity

VALIDOGEN serves customers from different industry sectors providing tailor-made solutions

Biopharmaceutical industry

Benefit from VALIDOGEN´s CMC compliant technology platform for the safe and effective production of your therapeutic candidate

Food and feed industry

Safe and efficient large scale manufacturing processes with low cost-of-goods

Further applications

Solutions for industrial enzymes & biocatalysts, cosmetics and diagnostics production
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Modification of the Pichia Secretory Mechanism for Enhanced Productivity

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