Bioprocess development

Robust, scalable, well characterized – maximize productivity of your bioprocess without compromising product quality
Do you need stable, robust and scalable processes for commercial manufacturing?

Are you looking for a process yielding consistent product quality?

You seek to acquire process knowledge?

Pichia processes at VALIDOGEN show extraordinarily high space-time yields and typical product concentrations of 10 - 20 g/l at initial purities of 80 - 90 % in supernatant before downstream processing.

VALIDOGEN offers straightforward bioprocess development and optimization services. This capability is essential for the elucidation of key process parameters (considering potential scale-up constraints) and for achieving process productivity, quality and robustness levels that will support commercial production of recombinant proteins.

Protein production processes developed in VALIDOGEN's labs have been shown to be robust and scalable.

To date, several VALIDOGEN customers have licensed and successfully scaled-up VALIDOGEN's Pichia processes for the manufacture of recombinant proteins to volumes ranging from several hundred to more than 10,000 l.

Comprehensive documentation and professional support guarantee sound technology transfer of the optimized fermentation process to your production site and straightforward implementation in large-scale production facilities.

Key benefits
  • Boosted space time yields through optimized VALIDOGEN cultivation protocols
  • Reduced manufacturing costs
  • Scalable, robust, transferable and cmc-ready manufacturing system
  • Short time lines and high flexibility



  • Optimized, scalable, robust and transferable processes and corresponding cultivation protocols
  • Full documentation to support your regulatory filings



  • Established platform processes and extensive know-how and experience serve as a basis for successful optimization
  • State of the art bioreactors equipped with comprehensive online analytics
  • Design of experiment software tools for efficient parameter scouting and full DoE process development


Further Services

UNLOCK PICHIA - Pichia pastoris protein expression system

Be competitive with high-quality VALIDOGEN Pichia proteins, high-productivity strains & robust and scalable bioprocesses

Time-saving protein expression studies

Assessing the potential - VALIDOGEN's streamlined feasibility studies



Comprehensive strain development

Unlock the potential by applying VALIDOGEN's broad Pichia toolbox



Bioprocess development

Straightforward fermentation development, optimization and characterization services

Protein purification and DSP development

Protein purification and establishment of analytical procedures and product characterization

Cell banking                    

Preparation and characterization of research cell banks

Enzyme engineering

High-throughput engineering and screening of enzyme variants
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