VALIDOGEN formerly VTU Technology

Pichia pastoris Protein Expression Excellence

VALIDOGEN, formerly known as VTU Technology, is a leading Austrian contract research and development company. VALIDOGEN offers UNLOCK PICHIA - the broadest toolbox and most versatile technology platform available for Pichia pastoris recombinant protein production. VALIDOGEN develops high performance expression strains and economically viable protein production processes for the manufacture of biopharmaceuticals, enzymes and various other recombinant proteins. Founded in 2008, the company emerged to a globally recognized player in the field of Pichia pastoris based protein expression.

VALIDOGEN’s UNLOCK PICHIA technology - Productivity through Diversity

Building on Pichia's inherent potential, VALIDOGEN established UNLOCK PICHIA - an exclusive yield-enhancing protein production toolbox, standing out due to its diversity of expression tools and expression strategies. A proprietary AOX1 promoter library and a diverse set of platform strains provide the genetic diversity necessary for fine-tuning of protein expression. Notably, 2nd generation promoter variants from VALIDOGEN's exclusive promoter library offer more flexibility by providing highly productive methanol-free protein production processes. Timely adjusted co-expression of helper proteins allows for maximization of protein yields. VALIDOGEN's unique high-throughput microscale cultivation and screening expertise and protocols ensure fast and reliable identification of the best performing genetic arrangement selected from thousands of Pichia strains assessed in parallel.

VALIDOGEN’s UNLOCK PICHIA technology addresses challenges all the way from transcription and translation to translocation, protein folding and secretion and facilitates the expression of more complex proteins thus maximizing yields without compromising product quality.

SERVICES - Protein Production strains & Processes & Recombinant Proteins

VALIDOGEN develops customized high-performance Pichia pastoris production strains at competitive timelines and offers straightforward bioreactor cultivation & protein purification process development and optimization services paired with technology transfer and/or protein production. Supporting our customers in product innovation, VALIDOGEN additionally offers fast and reliable engineering and screening of improved enzyme variants.

VALIDOGEN is providing tailor-made solutions to customers from different industry sectors – such as pharma, diagnostics, food & feed, chemical, agro and other industries.

UNLOCK PICHIA - Pichia pastoris protein expression system

Be competitive with high-quality VALIDOGEN Pichia proteins, high-productivity strains & robust and scalable bioprocesses

Time-saving protein expression studies

Assessing the potential - VALIDOGEN's streamlined feasibility studies



Comprehensive strain development

Unlock the potential by applying VALIDOGEN's broad Pichia toolbox



Bioprocess development

Straightforward fermentation development, optimization and characterization services

Protein purification and DSP development

Protein purification and establishment of analytical procedures and product characterization

Cell banking                    

Preparation and characterization of research cell banks

Enzyme engineering

High-throughput engineering and screening of enzyme variants
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