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Visit VTU Technology´s new website and discover VTU´s Pichia protein production toolbox

Competitive through diversity - boost protein yields & quality

Building on Pichia´s inherent potential, VTU established an exclusive yield-enhancing protein production toolbox, standing out due to its diversity of expression tools and expression strategies. We fine-tune the expression of your protein by unlocking and boosting Pichia´s potential for effective production of fully active, high quality proteins.
Discover the elements of VTU´s toolbox
Exclusive AOX1 promoter libraries

Fine-tuned methanol-inducible or methanol-free protein production

Diverse set of platform strains

Meet your needs for diverse applications with VTU´s platform strains

Proprietary expression enhancing helper factors

Enhancement of product yields & quality – helper factor co-expression fine tuned by VTU´s promoter library
High-throughput combinatorial cultivation & screening

Rapid and reliable generation & identification of high-level production strains meeting protein quality and productivity requirements
Glycoengineering tools

Enhanced glycoprotein production - "VTU Pichia" boosting "Pichia Glycoswitch®"
Half-life extension

HSA fusion proteins – biopharmaceuticals and biobetters with increased half-life

Projects tailored to your needs - VTU´s Services
  • Time-saving protein expression studies
  • Comprehensive strain development
  • Bioprocess development
  • Protein purification and DSP development
  • Cell banking
  • Enzyme engineering
VTU Technology highlighting its Pichia toolbox at BIO International Convention, June 19 - 22, 2017 San Diego, US

Dr. Thomas Purkarthofer will be representing VTU and would be pleased to get in touch at the event. Please contact Tom directly or via BIO´s partnering system for the arrangement of a meeting.
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