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UNLOCK PICHIA - Productivity through Diversity

VTU Technology to present at PEPTALK 2018, January 8 - 12, San Diego, US

VTU will be part of PEPTALK 2018 represented by Dr. Iskandar Dib, Head of Analytics and DSP and Dr. Roland Weis, Head of Operations.
Don´t miss Iskandar´s presentation "Unlock Pichia – Novel Strategies and Molecular Tools to Enhance Protein Expression" in the "Engineering Genes and Hosts" stream on Tuesday, January 9. 

VTU´s broad Pichia protein production toolbox
Iskandar will introduce how VTU addresses the multiple aspects of protein expression by increasing genetic diversity. Applying its Pichia pastoris toolbox, VTU generates a large number of different genetic constellations thus unlocking Pichia´s potential for successful production of fully active, high quality proteins through fine-tuning of expression.

"VTU’s diverse toolbox addresses challenges all the way from transcription and translation to translocation, protein folding and secretion and facilitates the expression of more complex proteins thus maximizing yields without compromising product quality."
Learn more by exploring VTU's Pichia pastoris protein production toolbox or speak to one of our protein expression experts at one of the following events:
  • PEPTALK 2018, 8 - 12 January, San Diego, US
  • PRAXISforum Enzymes for Industrial Applications 2018, 6 - 7 February,  DECHEMA-Haus, Frankfurt, Germany
  • 6th Halle Conference on Recombinant Proteins 2018, 8 - 9 March, Halle/Salle, Germany
  • BIO-Europe Spring 2018, 12 - 14 March, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • BioProcess International Conference & Exhibition West  2018, 19 - 22 March, San Francisco, US
  • 11th Annual Proteins & Antibodies Congress 2018, 16 - 17 April, London, UK
  • BioProcess International European Summit 2018, 23 - 25 April, RAI, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • BIO International Convention 2018, 4 - 7 June, Boston, US
  • CPhI 2018, 9 - 11 October, IFEMA, Feria de Madrid, Spain
  • BIO-Europe 2018, 5 - 7 November, Kopenhagen, Denmark & Malmö, Sweden