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Pichia pastoris
Protein Expression

New Dimensions - Protein Yields of up to 35 g/L

VTU Pichia processes show exceptionally high space-time yields with typical product concentrations of 10 - 20 g/L and very high initial purities of 80 - 90 % in the culture supernatant.

Since its foundation 2008, VTU´s highly skilled team has been continuously optimizing and expanding its Pichia technology platform to generate an unparalleled spectrum of expression tools and ingenious expression strategies leading to a high performance technology platform to meet highly specific expression needs.

Recently, VTU developed an expression strain capable of producing 35 g/L of recombinant mouse serum albumin.
Based on this achievement, we assume that the biological limit of Pichia pastoris has not yet been reached so far holding potential for further optimization.
VTU´s Track Record

VTU´s cutting-edge technologies paired with VTU´s qualified staff provide our customers with industrial high-performance expression strains capable of expressing a wide range of biologics and other proteins with or without methanol induction.
High Productivities - Even Without Methanol

In a recent case study VTU´s broad and versatile Pichia pastoris protein production platform hit the 20 g/L mark in methanol-free protein production.

VTU´s unique methanol-free Pichia system -
strong expression and further advantages such as

  • abolishing toxic and explosive methanol
  • glycerol or glucose as the sole carbon source
  • lower production costs due to reduced cooling demand and shortened process time

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