VALIDOGEN is giving UNLOCK PICHIA process development insights

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VALIDOGEN is bringing UNLOCK PICHIA process development  insights to the 11th Conference on Recombinant Protein Production, RPP11, October 17-19, Girona, Spain 16.10.2023
Dr. Aid Atlic, Senior Scientist Process Development,
October 19, 2023, 5 p.m. - 5.20 p.m.
Methanol-free protein production processes with Pichia pastoris for achieving high productivity

Recombinant protein production in the host Pichia pastoris often relies on AOX1 promoter-controlled gene expression using methanol for induction. Many companies however prefer not to use methanol due to safety concerns (e.g. for medical, food and feed products). VALIDOGEN’s unique AOX1 promoter variants that enable methanol-free protein production at multi-gram-per-liter titers offer several advantages that go far beyond mere safety limitations. Using methanol-free production combined with other elements of VALIDOGEN’s UNLOCK PICHIA toolbox, we established strategies to maximize space-time-yield and total product titer. Optimized methanol-free processes enable considerably shorter batch times and even continuous upstream processes, thus paving the way toward intensified processes for biopharma and precision fermentation.

In this talk examples and case studies will be presented that show the applications of high-productivity methanol-free protein production processes with Pichia pastoris at various scales.


Meet us there - VALIDOGEN will be represented by
•    Roland Weis, Head of Operations & CEO
•    Aid Atlic, Senior Scientist Process Development
•    Vasyl Ivashov, Principal Scientist

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