VALIDOGEN to present at PICHIA 2021, online conference, March 24 - April 1

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Pichia 2021, online conference "Don't miss latest insights into UNLOCK PICHIA technology developments" 16.03.2021
Dr. Aid Atlic
Senior Scientist Process Development

High cell density cultivations of Pichia pastoris in microbioreactor system
Day 4, March 29, 6.20 p.m. CEST, 09.20 a.m. PDT

This talk aims to illustrate the incorporation of a microfermentation system into VALIDOGEN’s strain development program. Microfermentations combine the advantages of microscale cultivations (large number of clones in one batch) with those of bioreactor cultivations (continuous feeding, high cell density and tightly controlled conditions). Multi-gram-per-litre protein titers are obtained with productivities that are predictive for bioreactor cultivations, thereby further leveraging the benefits of UNLOCK PICHIA. Examples and case studies will be presented that show the applications of Pichia high cell density microscale cultivations in strain development and process optimization projects.
Dr. Iskandar Dib
Principal Scientist Process Development and Analytics

Fast track development with Pichia pastoris – meeting the challenges of protein production using UNLOCK PICHIA
Day 6, March 31, 6.40 p.m. CEST, 09.40 a.m. PDT


In this end-to-end project for an albumin fusion NBE candidate, Iskandar will take you on a tour through VALIDOGEN’s services, technologies and capabilities along our typical development lines. Starting with initial clone screening and subsequent strain improvement using the UNLOCK PICHIA toolbox, we then performed upstream and downstream process set-up to generate a first purified sample for functionality testing. In a second phase, an improved and fully scalable production process was developed and characterized. 

Iskandar Dib, VALIDOGEN
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VALIDOGEN to present at PICHIA 2021, online conference, March 24 - April 1

Pichia 2021, online conference "Don't miss latest insights into UNLOCK ...

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