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With more than 300 employees and 15 sites, VTU is now competing in the premier league of technology service providers. 04.07.2013
The VTU Group - planners, consultants and suppliers of high-tech process plants for industry - will have more than 300 employees as of July 2013, which means that a small company of process engineering consultants, established by Dr. Michael Koncar in 1990, has developed into a European technology company. VTU takes care of a large number of substantial customers, including major international pharmaceutical and chemical companies, at 15 current sites in Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Romania.
VTU is now putting the expertise gathered in the company’s early stages from the planning of pharmaceutical and biodiesel plants into practice internationally as an engineering specialist and technology service provider for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology, chemical and metallurgy, crude oil and natural gas industries with the addition of the power engineering sector.

“We have always relied on highly qualified and highly-motivated staff in all our activities. We have also always endeavoured at all times to offer the team a corporate environment where delivering peak performances is fun even when times are hard.” Quote by Dr. Michael Koncar, company founder and Holding MD

VTU is banking on further steady growth based on long-term collaborative customer relationships. Increases to date have been in the form of organic growth generated from the company’s own efforts. The management is characterised by employees who have worked at VTU for many years and who are responsible for the company’s strategic alignment. Sustainable business management takes precedence over profit maximisation and the company has worked very successfully for many years by taking this fundamental approach.
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