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"Now is the time" or "The time is now"

Now is the time to send season's greetings to you. We wish you good health, a lot of strength and endurance and, despite challenging times, much happiness, too.

Recombinant proteins continue to be used in an increasing number of applications and, not only in times of a pandemic, there is a demand to develop numerous new protein products and manufacturing processes for biotherapeutics and vaccines as well as proteins being applied, for example, in diagnostics, food & feed and biocatalysis.
As a consequence, the time is now strongly fostering the development and optimization of diverse protein expression hosts and bioprocessing technologies. Among the group of microbial organisms, Pichia pastoris exhibits a number of appealing features, especially its powerful secretion capability and its subcellular protein processing system that is required for post-translational modifications. However, the requirement for methanol addition in many Pichia processes and yeast-like glycosylation patterns not being suitable for most glycoprotein biologics are known reasons for hampering its more widespread use across the bioindustry.

VALIDOGEN is constantly addressing these limitations by further advancing its UNLOCK PICHIA technology platform. A wide range of protein formats - including glycoproteins with human-like glycosylation - can be manufactured efficiently meeting protein quality and productivity requirements both using methanol as well as under methanol-free conditions.

Elements of UNLOCK PICHIA - a unique Pichia protein expression platform boosting protein production
  • UNLOCK PICHIA promoter libraries - Exclusive AOX1 promotor libraries for fine-tuned methanol-inducible or methanol-free protein production
  • UNLOCK PICHIA platform strains - Panel of different platform strains tailored for diverse applications
  • UNLOCK PICHIA expression enhancing helper factors - Enhancement of product yields and quality - helper factor co-expression fine-tuned by VALIDOGEN´s AOX1 promoter libraries
  • UNLOCK PICHIA secretion signals - Novel secretion signals outperforming conventional leader sequences for many target proteins
  • UNLOCK PICHIA high-throughput technologies - Combinatorial transformation as well as high-throughput cultivation & screening for a rapid and reliable generation & identification of high-level production strains 
  • UNLOCK PICHIA Glycoengineering - Enhanced glycoprotein production - "UNLOCK PICHIA" boosting "Pichia Glycoswitch®" 
  • UNLOCK PICHIA half-life extension - HSA fusion proteins - biopharmaceuticals and biobetters with increased half-life
Key to success - the targeted application of VALIDOGEN's full toolbox 
The UNLOCK PICHIA promoter libraries include high productivity methanol-inducible and methanol-free promoter variants, the latter for improved process safety and economy. The libraries allow for more effective fine-tuning of gene expression and significant productivity boost through application of an increased number of promoter variants transformed simultaneously as a pool. This approach is combined with the targeted application of VALIDOGEN's broad technology platform by identification of optimum combinations of different elements of the UNLOCK PICHIA toolbox such as strain background, helper factors, secretion signals or production regimes further boosting productivity.

Key to success - reliable identification of high-performance strains in microscale and microbioreactors
In addition to VALIDOGEN's high-throughput cultivation and screening regime, which allows rapid and reliable identification of high-level production strains in microscale, we have implemented microbioreactors enabling the assessment of the performance of selected strains from microscale screening under more tightly controlled cultivation conditions further leveraging the benefits of UNLOCK PICHIA. Thereby additional comparative data can be obtained supporting the selection of strains to be transferred to larger lab bioreactors.

Key to success - UNLOCK PICHIA boosting Pichia GlycoSwitch®
This unique combination of both technologies acting synergistically results in a powerful platform for the production of recombinant glycoproteins with superior product yields and uniform GlcNAc2Man5 or other human-like glycoforms.

Key to success - speed & efficiency allow for quick feasibility studies followed by comprehensive production strain generation
Feasibility studies are designed to elucidate the optimum combinations of genetic elements for a given protein of interest. Building on these findings, a highly efficient production strain is then developed by fully applying VALIDOGEN’s UNLOCK PICHIA toolbox thereby leveraging the full potential of the technology.
Join VALIDOGEN  and the world´s Pichia community at
BioGrammatics and Research Corporation Technologies are hosting, Pichia 2021, to celebrate 40 years of protein production with Pichia pastoris. Pichia 2021 will be held digitally from March 24 to March 26, 2021. 

VALIDOGEN will be part of this event and will be showcasing its latest findings and developments around unlocking Pichia for high-yield protein production. D
on’t miss your opportunity to join VALIDOGEN and "Pichia people" from around the world.

The programme covers many aspects of recombinant protein expression with Pichia pastoris, including:
1. Basic biology (insight into the basic mechanisms of yeast cell biology, including DNA integration into the genome, transcription/translation, and secretion)
2. New protein expression technologies, including design improvements, expression vector elements and strain construction methods
3. Genome, transcriptome, and proteomic analyses
4. Fermentation and High Through-Put process development
5. Commercial applications and case studies, challenges and success stories
6. Biocatalysts, and synthetic biology

The organizers are calling for abstracts for oral and poster presentations. Visit Pichia2021's website for more information on the event.
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