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VALIDOGEN to present at PEPTALK 2020

VALIDOGEN to present at PEPTALK 2020
20 - 24 January, San Diego, CA
Iskandar Dib, VALIDOGEN's Head of Analytics & DSP and Roland Weis, VALIDOGEN's Head of Operations will be attending PEPTALK 2020.

Don't miss Iskandar's presentation:
Boosting VHH Expression Using UNLOCK PICHIA
Wednesday, 22 January, 9.20 am - 9.50 am, "Effective Expression and Production of Recombinant Proteins" stream
VHHs, single-domain antibodies derived from camelid species represent the third generation of antibodies and are currently developed for an increasing number of different applications.
Efficient production of VHHs is enabled by VALIDOGEN’s yield-enhancing protein production toolbox known as UNLOCK PICHIA comprising a broad diversity of molecular tools and expression strategies for Pichia. We demonstrate significant enhancement of VHH expression by a set of helper factors acting along the way from transcription to secretion.





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Upcoming conferences & exhibitions VALIDOGEN to present at PEPTALK 2020

Spotlight on high-yield VHH expression using UNLOCK PICHIA

Benefit from the economic advantages of enhanced VHH production arising from ...


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